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Level 10 Courses

The learning platform for Grades 10 is Blackboard Learn, and our classes are a combination of synchronous instruction, which means that students will progress through their school material together, just as they would in a face-to-face classroom, and asynchronous instruction, which means that students can progress through their courses at their own pace. All lessons and activities are available to the students via Blackboard.
Students are expected to regularly attend and participate in required meetings. When this attendance is not possible, parents need to inform the course teacher. It will be up to the course teacher and the principal when and if a student is able to complete course work independently. 
Grade 10 Requirements-Minimum of Eight Credits
  • English Language Arts A10 and English Language Arts B10
  • Social Studies 10 or History 10 or Native Studies 10
  • Science 10
  • A mathematics at the 10 level
  • 3 electives at level 10, 20 or 30
Cyber Stone Courses Being Offered
  • ELA A10
  • ELA B10
  • Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 10
  • Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10
  • Wellness 10
  • Social 10
  • Information Processing 10
  • Accounting 10
  • Photography 10 - second semester only (limited spaces)
  • Science 10