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Principal's Message

Welcome to Cyber Stone Virtual School!

Virtual learning is the perfect and often most effective method of learning for many K-12 students and families. Every single student and family situation is unique, and things are simply not the way they "used to be". Some families are working and living with a plethora of circumstances including a desire for accelerated learning, the need to live away from home for sports or other needs, the task of managing chronic health conditions, a busy schedule to support commuting between parental homes, etc. 

The single most important factor for student success to virtual learning is parent/guardian support. The parent/family must make this a priority. This does not mean that the parent or guardian has to be a subject or teacher expert, rather this means that guardians must create a scheduled and suitable learning environment for their child or children, and maintain an open line of communication to and from the school. This will create a successful virtual experience for each and every child. 

Mrs. Catherine A. Hiltz