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About Us

 As a means of providing equitable opportunities for students, South East Cornerstone Public School Division provides online education to students across the school division. 




Why Cyber Stone?

SECPSD recognizes that traditional brick and mortar schools may not be able to fulfill all the educational needs of today's students. Online course delivery is a great option for many different students with depending on individual situations. Rationale for online learning through Cyber Stone is as follows:

  • Improves virtual communication, self-motivation and discipline
  • Preference for online learning
  • Limited programming options available in small schools
  • Family, work or other commitments that interfere with traditional schooling
  • The desire to upgrade marks or gain high school credits in order to enter post-secondary programs
  • The desire to accelerate a program of study
  • Option for students to stay home to learn with the support of family
  • Eliminate times for traveling to and from traditional school buildings